InstaZoom HD – View Instagram profile pictures full size

With Instazoom HD you can enlarge all the profile pictures you want from Instragram with just one click.
It doesn't matter if it's a public or private profile.



What do you get from Instazoom?


Enlarge all the profile pictures you want

With Instazoom, you can finally enlarge all Instagram profile pictures. Since this feature is still not available on Instagram directly, you can finally zoom in on all Instagram profiles without any complicated circumstances. You simply... enter the profile name or the direct link to the profile in the search bar and press 'Enter'. Instazoom will do the rest for you. It is not yet known if and when this function will be directly available on Instagram. However, you don't have to worry about that, since this is very easy to do with Instazoom.


Display all profile-relevant information

The particular advantage of Instazoom is that you can not only zoom in on any Instagram profile picture you want, you can also view all the detailed information about the profile. Thus, the number of posts, the followers and the followed people... are indicated. This is especially beneficial if you are looking for an Instagram zoomer that will quickly and easily give you all the data about the desired profile. Also, you don't have to follow the person whose profile you want to view right away, so your anonymity is still given. At lightning speed, everything relevant about the profile is presented to you immediately.


Profilbilder in HD Qualität heruntergeladen

Arguably the biggest and best feature of Instazoom is that you can also download all Instagram profile pictures with this Instagram zoomer. The picture will be displayed after the search, then you can easily download it by... pressing 'Download'. Moreover, each profile picture has a clean HD quality, and is completely free for you without registration and subscription!



Instazoom puts your security and anonymity first. If you want to enlarge the Instagram profile picture, you don't have to worry about this being displayed to the profile owner. You can easily view any profile, private or public, through our encryption. This way, enlarging your Instagram profile picture is not only easy, but also completely anonymous and secure.


Customer Satisfaction

The process, even though it is explained in detail, may be a bit complicated for you. This is not a problem at all! You can easily contact our service department if any question arises. Of course, we will be at your disposal immediately to solve your issue so that you can use Instazoom as you like without any problems.



Our features

Using Instazoom, you can easily zoom in on any Instagram profile picture you want with just the click of a button and get accurate information about the profile you want.

  • What is Instazoom?

    Instazoom is a free platform that lets you enlarge any Instagram profile picture you want. This feature has been missing on Instagram and is unlikely to be introduced in the near future, so you can easily do this with Instazoom.

  • What can Instazoom do?

    You can use Instazoom to enlarge any Instagram profile picture. It doesn't matter if the profile is public or private. Additionally, you can view all the information about the profile, such as posts and followers. And you can download any profile picture you want for free!

  • How do I enlarge Instagram profile pictures?

    Simply enter the profile name or the direct link to the profile in the search bar. Then press 'Enter' and you can zoom into the Instagram profile picture!

  • How do I download Instagram profile pictures?

    Once you have entered the Instagram profile, the profile picture will be displayed. On the opened page, you can easily download the profile picture for free by clicking the 'Download' button.

  • Is Instazoom legal?

    Definitely! Instazoom offers you the enlargement of profile pictures completely legally and safely. No copyrights are violated here, since the profile pictures are publicly available anyway. This is regulated by the general use of Instagram. Your safety is thus guaranteed, and you can use Instazoom however you want.

  • Do I need to download and install any specific software?

    Absolutely not! Instazoom is used through the web browser of your device, i.e. cell phone or desktop PC. The page opens just like any other page. Instagram Zoomer doesn't require downloading any software or anything, all steps are completed directly from the page.

  • Is Instazoom paid or free?

    Probably the most special feature of Instazoom is that the process is completely free for you! The entire content of the site and its related features can be used by anyone, from anywhere, without subscribing or making any purchases. Enlarge Instagram profile pictures is as easy as pie and won't cost you a penny!

  • How does Insta Big work?

    Instazoom accesses the profile you enter as soon as you type it into the search bar and start searching. All the information displayed is directly read and processed by our internal system from the Instragram app. Afterwards, you'll see the entire result of the profile, and you'll be able to see not only every Instagram profile picture, but also all the info associated with the profile.



Why should you use our application?

Enlarge Instagram profile pictures can be useful and beneficial for you for many reasons. For one, you surely want to see who is following you and how beautiful or handsome the person is.

In addition, you would certainly like to know what is in the person's profile. This can be especially helpful if you decide to contact the person whose instagram profile picture size has now been displayed for you, to give them a good compliment accordingly as an icebreaker! You should also absolutely not feel bad about using Instazoom. Hundreds of thousands of Instragram profile pictures are enlarged every day.

With Instazoom, you can thus better manage your time right at the beginning, which person you pay absolutely no attention to, and with whom you immediately try your luck. As mentioned before, Instagram profile picture enlargement is considered to be a very good icebreaker method, so you can immediately give a personal compliment and thus earn a big plus point with the person. If you think this way, you're also doing the person a favor. After all, they shouldn't have to waste their time with you either.

Every person has their own preferences. If you want to zoom into the profile picture of someone good looking, you should also get what you want. So why don't you take a closer look at your prospect's profile picture to find out right away if she or he is something for you? It doesn't matter if it's the love of your life, or for a temporary get together.

How do you open and zoom in on Instagram profile pictures?

Thanks to Instazoom, you can finally view all profile pictures in a magnified form.

It's very easy to use. In no time, you too will become a magician and be able to turn any profile picture into a full-screen HD image.

If you're ready to get started, keep at it.

  • Open Instazoom on any browser (mobile or desktop)
  • Öffne nun das gewünschte Instagram Profil.
  • Now open the desired Instagram profile
    instagram profilbild vergrössern
  • Hit 'Enter' and view the profile picture of the profile you selected in the enlarged form and make it available for download. Additionally, you can view the number of followers and followed people, and even the status if there is one.
    instagram profilbild zoom

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